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Thursday, August 10, 2006

guess who is not dead!

Ok so I have lots of news. One should having fallen off the face of the earth for this long. Bad news first. Tiff and I were pregnant but we lost the baby. we were really upset but we are much better now thanks to friends and family listening to us whine and so forth. Now for all the good news. Tiff got a teaching job!!!!! she is teaching at edmond christian schools teaching drama. she reeported today. I also got a bux promotion to a shift manager. it is great.; I love it. we also just got done doing charlie and the chocolate factory were I played slugworth, tiff was mrs. salt, and andra was mrs. teevee for all you obu theatre junkies. now I just auditioned and got a role in God's favorite. I'm david. I'm looking forward to that. It starts on monday. freelancing in OKC is a lot of fun and it really all about networking. drop as many names as you can and you can normally find some role inthe production. It has been amazing how in just a few sort weeks how the network has grown.

that is a brief overview of the last few week/months. well, I shall try to post more. I have been locking in the dedication department latly. sorry. I missed you all and miss you still. holler to the spidy fans on the great trailer!!! less than a year. watch for the countdown. I will be on the spidy bandwagon. so beware.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

stealing is fun

so I am now making time to post more often. (I actually miss my friends so I have to stay connected some way.) wow I sound like a lonly old man. I digress. so why is stealing fun! well, I have been online looking at a ton stuff for different projects and I'm taking the best of them and using them in new and creative ways. it is fun to steal. As for the things here. a list of summer movies I wish I had time to see but won't

pirates of the carribean II ( Can't wait till video, will call in sick to work to see)
the new sixth sense guy movie(Lady of the lake I think?)
x men III
the break up (Vince vaugh makes me laugh)
in a year spiderman III (I have to throw that in to keep building the three year break suspense.) just release the movie already!

that is all I know about but i'm sure more will pop up as the summer unfolds. I love the movies and I miss way too many of them. I"m even behind in the video department.

on to better things a top 10 things you should know about ordering in a drive thru

1 get off your cell phone
2 remeber someone ios at the other end and they have feelings too
3 if it is diesil turn it off we can't hear you
4 secrete don't make friends so speak up
don't talk to the back of the car, the speaker is not there
5 don't just sit in line and hold it up, pul forward and at least let us take the next order if your going to make up wait
6 listen when it is read back, if it is wrong correct us then not when it is finished and half way to your car.
7 making dumb jokes about other fast food places is just confusing so don't do it
8 hitting on the cashier is creepy (even if you say "I don't mean to be creepy but your sure are cute." still creepy)
9 if it takes you more than five min. to place your order it is probably too big to go through the drive thru. (Think of it as a ten item or less lane)
10 We are not here to read you the menu, if you have more than 2 questions about the product or wish to shop, come in, we are not a catalogue help center of starbucks products.

they are a tad specific but you get eh idea on how to apply across the board. It is simple, keep it that why. friendly consise and confidnet, that is the oder method we suggest.

personallly no new news. sure am liked the rain outside though.
over and out


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ok dear friends

ok so the exciting world of josh has blown up and turned itself inside out. I am in charlie and the chocolate factory this summer (yeah!!!) I'm the narrator and slugworth (The german guy who steal reciepes, how evil>) I'm also desiging the set for a year with frog and toad, and working full time. AAUUGGHH!!! all this while maintaining a life. needless to say time had been short. I'm glad to hear from old friend, and hope to hear more from you. I got anew cell phone, so leave info and will givbe to talk to you more often. all in all no news but work and rehearsals and work and drawing, and work and eating, and work. (Notice a theme yet?) will write when more time is at hand. (So when I'm 87ish)

over and out


Thursday, May 04, 2006


so here is the pensive sick josh some more. I am an emotional wreck. Please keep tiff in mind she is sure to be sick of me. I have to say that up until recently I have always thought that I was a strong independent person who didn't need anyone. I could do it on my own. I now relize that I have to have people around, I need people in my life. wether we want to admit it or not we all need people. Community is what christ is about. I don't know if it is just me are when christianity became about secretes but he never expects perfection, just honesty. I think that is what will attract people. Being broken before them and see how he redeemes us. redeption is aconstant process. I now am in a process of understanding that. I have to be open and have community to show me the lies I believe about myself and life in genereal. if we don't have a mirror then we will never see the lies.

Again another religious ramble. feel free to disagree, i know i'm right. (I'm kidding) in other new I'm desigining next year for a equity theatre! A year with frog and toad. soooo excited. so if you know me and are in the area, call me and let me see you. I miss you all.

shout outto the peep
over and out


Thursday, April 27, 2006

remember the time....

so as of late I have been doing alot of self analysis. (OOOOO scary!) I have been peiceing my life together and I have started to feel like everything is different yet nothing has changed. It is like my heart is shifting into a new season that is feeling emotion and finding it voice for the first time. At the same time I don't know when or how this change occured. I have begun to realize that God is exstramly merciful. I have begun to see romans and many other scripture in a new light. I see God as one of love first and fomost and that he operates out of that and that even in his jugment it is discipline and not punishment. I don't fully grasp this idea yet but 1st john is very enlightening. I think that every one should spend time meditating on 1st john 4 and see just what it is that god wants us to know. I have come to know that there is a discipline between punishment and discipline. I fuction out of punishment and wanting God to function on those terms because that is what I know. It is out of mercy that god functions out of discipline. Discipline is loving and training to do what is right and live your life the way he intends. it is totally different than punishment. The two can be seen together and god does punish in ways but it is an means to discipline, it is not out of anger as I often think.

I don't really know what to do with all this. I don't know how to covey exsactly what it is. Through the process though my heart is breaking for those around me that are lost lin destructive patterns. the homeless, the drunks, the many that are totally lost and trying anything to find meaning. I can't figure out what it is about them, that I hhurt for but part of me knows that they are just blind to the truth and that it is love that will break down the walls. all in all I guess I am just over come iwth compassion and mercy to those around me.

on to thinks I can actually explain. Tiff is in vegas and I miss her the few hour she has already been gone. I love her more every day. It is totally unexplainable. I don't understand how people could get a divorce. it would be like loosing a left arm. I have a few days away and I can't think of what they will be like. She truly is my best friend and so much more. I love haning out with her, teasing her, doing mariied things of course. (We mean more then what you are think but that too.)
jfor all my unmarried readers, I"m sorry, I don't mean to be sappy it is just so new to understand what it means for god to make you one. He does and it is like nothing any one could ever explain. God truly does have great things for each of us. His blessing are there we miss them looking for what we think we wnat than what we really need.

I am rambling and being mushy and boring you all with the unknown ramblings that really make no sense. I am sorry. things are really crazy with me and I feel like a tornado has hit me.
I done for today , and the coffee calls

over and out


Thursday, April 06, 2006

please be kind do more than just rewind

ok, so here todays beef. hot to be a negative ned, but today was really hard at work for one main reason. I worked the drive thru, which I normally love. Today was different. I don't know if it was the clouds or the lack of sleep of simpl;y the new heat wave, and the explosion of allergies, but every one was really impatient and rude. We were giving quality service, I'm not talking about us being unreasonably slow, or bad beverages or what not, people wwould pull up and immediately start to yell for our attention. I was happy to wait on them, but at the same time I am helping three other people. I had a system were evweryone got served in a proper order and the line moved well. I really got annoyed, me taking their order was actually slowing down the line and defeating their purpose. So today the moral of the story is when, in line, realize there are many things going on, and have a little bit of paitents and treat the speaker as a person, the other is happens to be human. I know I don't always remember that an actual person is on the other end, it just a speaker that takes an order and gives me food, not a person, with a life and bunch a baggages and things on a list that they have to do. so the rant is over and I 'm on to more important things.

so I was fortunate to enterain the elustrious christy hall tonight. the close friend and soon to be star had dinner with my and the lovly wife. It was so much fun. I really miss her. We talked about her impending marriage, to the matt lutz, and all that LA holds for her. she is so good. I wish she was closer because I think they would be fun married friends. we really want to be thier married friends. we had so much fun. I reallywnat friends my age that are married and we can be candide with.

life wise i have started counciling for all kinds of stuff. I needed help working thru the hospilitations, and all the baggage I have from that and just stuff. I relearning who God has made me and what my life is meant for. it is really hard, but really freeing all at the same time. I am totally blown away at God mercy and grace. I have to recomend a book that I am recommending with cation, it is crude, and contains language that might not be your taste, at the same time it poses the most intresting questions about God that I have read. it has given me a lot to think about. It has said some really cool stuff. It is ethan hawks (yes, the actor) ash wednesday. It is really good, the story line is sometimes hard to follow but read it through and it all falls into place. It might help to know that is switches betweeen the guy and girl so one chapter is his view the next hers. it done't say that, it is just sorta stumbled upon. I have really enjoyed this book. I didn't exspect too but I have. willing to take book suggestions for the reading list. (Dave I know you always have more to add.)

allright, that is enough for me tonight, The hand is sore yet again. so I know it is time to end.

over and out


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

how is it unbroken and broken all at once?

so the other day we had ice and snow for three hours. it was great. cold night and then it warmed up. the problem lies with going to work early in the morining. I found that three hours of ice and slipped and fell. In doing so I hurt my arm and ended up at the dr. They said they thought it was broken but the x ray was not conclusive. I then was told to come back if it got worse. It did and I went back. They still said the could find the break but they thought it was. so then I get sent to a specialilst. He didn't think it was broke. now, no one knows what is wrong with it and I am left with a very bruised and sore arma and no end in sight. So the official it is an unbroken broken arm. no sprain just unbroken broken. ASDF: EIFN DFN EOI DL:FKJ SOIWEUFJSD (that is the niose my head makes trying to get an answer)

in other news. there really in none. I opened my show to rave reviews and many headaches. I am now trying to drum up more work. I am surprised how many theatres there are in OKC. not that many are great but they could be if they all stopped trying to beat the other and share their resources. well, statbucks is still there and still serving cofee. I really do love my job, it just isn't really exciting.

well, that is all, (My arm hurts from typing)

over and out

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